Aung Khant Moe
Cybersecurity Research Development Engineer at NUS Singtel Corplab

- Singtel Cadet Cyber-security Scholarship (2018)
- Director's List (2017, 2018, 2019)

1) Videography
2) Programming (C# , JavaScript, Python)
3) Presentation
4) Web Design (CSS, HTML5)
5) Web Application (ASP.NET)
6) Data Structures and Algorithms
7) Penetration Testing
8) System Hacking
9) Machine Learning/ Data Analytics
I am a curious person with many passions. However, what I love most in life is learning about new subjects. I am here to show you what I have learned, and hopefully, spark an interest in your mind as well. Last but not least, do remember to check out my website.

Personal Portfolio


World Skill Singapore 2018

Community Work

Service Learning

Malware Analysis

Basic Static Malware Analysis


SUTD Industrial Visit


NTU Industrial Visit

Ethical Hacking

Android Hacking



Machine Learning Predictive Analysis Cybersecurity

DNS Anomaly Detection