Sean Amiel Mallari Tiu
Boy's Brigade 2015 Founder's Award. Promoted to the Rank of Staff Sergeant in 2015 in the 25th Boy's Brigade Company.
Mediums - Traditional Pencil Drawings, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Autodesk Maya, ToonBoom Harmony. Skills - Storyboarding, Animation, Digital Illustration, Character Design.
Be it animation, illustration or design, I am highly fascinated by these fields of study. I aspire to master these 3 skillsets for my ultimate goal to produce masterful works. I am a fast learner and highly efficient in my tasks. I am no stranger to picking up new softwares to further expand my skillset.

Personal Portfolio


Eques Storyboarding

Adobe Photoshop

Reol Icon Design

Adobe Photoshop
Digital Illustration

Icy Playground Rendering

Adobe Photoshop