Keith Toh Wei Heng
Software Engineer / Professional Googler
  • Git
  • PHP
  • Kotlin

Hi. I'm a developer and a student of Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

I like code, music and dank memes.

Creating things has always been something I enjoy and will probably always do. I enjoy collaborating with other people to work on projects. In the past, I've written API's, desktop and cloud applications and CLI applications.

Service Learning

On the second year of my studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I've had the opportunity to embark on a service learning project. During the project, I've gotten to meet students of Delta Senior Secondary school, interact and teach them on how to build a website. It was a very different project as we were teaching students with different needs and as such we had to take different approaches on how to get our point across.

Also, we've gotten to participate in a cybersecurity talk at SIM. And a SkillsFuture conference which was hosted together with WorldSkills Singapore.

Networking and Fairs

The career networking was an event organised by ICT to help prepare students to network in a business-esque fashion and to open up internship opportunities to us by letting us interact with various startups and companies. The organisers had the students participate in various activities like debates and sharing to get us to talk to one another and for the representatives from the startups and companies to listen in on our interactions and our team dynamics. They would then state who they would like to meet after the activities from their observations.

During the networking itself, I managed to speak to representatives from Red Dot Payment and Dezain. I felt that many of the internship booths featured in the career fair are very interesting especially the startups with what different technologies and tools they use to push their product out to the market.

During the career fair, I’ve visited 2 booths which were IT based but vastly different in scope. For one, Kalpha, was a startup funded by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Sandbox. They developed an app where people can come together and share their knowledge. The other company, PayBoy, is a cloud solution to automate Human Resource operations.


I am still experimenting with the many types of technologies, I still do not have a particular niche in mind. However, it would most likely be within the technological side of IT as I am not as confident in my presentation and marketing skills. A goal of mine is to be able to work on projects that I love and with people that are supportive in a work environment and company I’m proud to work and stand for. Another goal is to be able to act on the many learning opportunities that arise and to be able to try many different things.

In the past, I’ve stuck with technologies I am used to working with like cloud servers and writing in Java/Kotlin. Recently, I’ve started to get into .NET Core and trying to pick up new concepts like machine learning. This will help me keep up with the current technologies and prepare me for the many more things I would or might need to learn when I start going into the industry and finding work.

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FarmDeck Automation for Peace of Mind

Educational Automation Microbit

FarmDeck is an educational yet automated gardening system, designed to help educate young minds about the wonders of the Internet of Things (IoT). Partnered with Zenitant, who is also an educational hub, has provided FarmDeck with the problem statement of integrating IoT into educational programs that could be provided to schools. Currently, the Infocomm Industry has been racking in revenue for the past years, constantly increasing. In 2017, the industry earned a stunning S$199.2 billion, beating the 2015 record of S$189.4 billion. (Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), 2019) According to the words from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, there are mainly 3 “ingredients” that are required in the pursuit of success in the Smart Nation vision. Singapore must have very strong engineering capabilities Singapore would need more leaders who understand tech A society that embraces science and technology, not fear it Being a Smart Nation does not mean just flaunting the advanced technology around, it is about innovating products to solve real problems that would make a difference in lives across the whole society. (Yuen-C, 2019) The team strongly believes that with FarmDeck, it would help to value-add to Singapore, equipping young students with the necessary skills to innovate and develop their creativity even further. Helping Singapore to gain an advantage, with society accepting technology as part of their lives, using FarmDeck as their stepping platform.

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