Sim Sheline

A*STAR Science Award (Poly)
NP Scholarship
WorldSkills Singapore 2018, Medallion of Excellence
Director's List (AY 17/18 & AY 18/19)
Level Prize (sem 1, AY 17/18)
Level Prize (sem 2, AY 18/19)
Various Module Prizes

  • Computing Mathematics (CM)
  • Operating Systems Fundamentals (OSF)
  • Communication & Contemporary Issues (COMISS)
  • Databases (DB)
  • Networking Fundamentals (NF)
  • Web Application Development (WEB)
  • Full Stack Development (FSD)
  • Predictive Analytics (PA)
  • Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA)

My skills (Advanced)

My skills (Intermediate)

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

-Theodore Roosevelt

I live my life by these words. I am one that is unafraid to aim for the stars. In fact, I am inexorably attracted to setting insane goals; goals that never fail to make my palms sweat every time I think about them, that gets my heart racing & my adrenaline pumping. I set these goals in an attempt to satiate this hunger I have to find out how things work & why things work the way they do. This, coupled with my intrinsic drive to chase my passions, paints a clear picture. For as long as I can remember, creation has been the picture of my dream career. I have always seen my future self to be a maker.

My aspirations are further built on the second half of the aforementioned quote: '..., your feet on the ground.' I have always seen my future self constantly striving to impact others in the best way possible. I believe that I will excel in this area, as I am passionate, ambitious, flexible, & driven. I am filled with passion for all things technology, passion that runs deep and far beyond a nonconsequential interest. I am ambitious to no end, with my vision to change the world. My flexibility aids my ambition, in that I can adapt to any obstacles that are bound to crop up. With all that, I believe that the fact that I am driven will pull me through the last stretch in my race towards my goals. My drive ensures that I keep my eyes on the prize & continue working towards them.

Presently, I am finishing up a Diploma in Information Technology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I plan to spend the next year travelling, undertaking internships, working on my personal projects, & figuring out what I want my life to look like. Then, I will hopefully enrol in the Computer Science degree programme of a university of my choice. With my degree, I aspire to immerse myself in the IT industry & constantly push myself to be at the cutting edge of technology. Despite all of this, or perhaps it is because of it, I think it is important to be able to see that goals are sometimes just that: goals. That it is all right to not achieve some goals, to take different paths than initially paved. That, ultimately, there are a great number of paths that lead to success. And, if all existing paths are unsuitable, pave your own path to success!

Other Projects

tresor - The Capstone Project

The first serious game I've ever made, for GPP's assignment 1 - NotSoSuperMario.

The second, & arguably more impressive game I've ever made, for GPP's assignment 2 - NotSoUnrailed.

My Internship Project - Sheline Meets Analytics for The First Time.

Visit my Portfolio I development blog here.


Merchant Matching


  • This is a project that spanned an entire year - beginning as an internship project with the Strategy & Planning Team of GrabFood, then continuing as a project I worked on on a part time basis.

  • The problem this project aims to solve is record linkage. Specifically, across merchants. Being a food delivery service, GrabFood’s value is strongly hinged on the quality of our merchants. Hence, we continually look for merchants to bring onto our platform. To do this, we make use of public-facing data obtained from places like social media platforms & review sites to source for merchants that may be of value. But, there is an issue - some of these merchants may already be on GrabFood. In these cases, it would be a waste of manpower to dispatch staff to head down in hopes of acquiring these merchants.

  • You’d think that this issue can be solved as simply as removing existing GrabFood merchants from these datasets. However, this is where the problem lies. More often than not, merchants are listed with discrepancies between sites. This could range from a slightly different unit number to their name being in a whole different language.

  • This is where this project comes in. I spent my time with GrabFood developing from scratch & evaluating a classifier that is capable of taking in datasets of raw merchant data. The classifier sweeps through the entire datasets & classifies the same merchants to be a match. From this output, staff can be dispatched to approach merchants that we are quite certain are not already partnered with us.

  • The benefits of this twofold - for one, an incredible number of man hours are saved. For two, the level of errors in the system has seen a reduction, considering that such a considerable chunk of human error is being eliminated. & these are the benefits that GrabFood sowed, when my classifier was put into production in June of 2019.

  • Since then, I have been working on improving the classifier. Originally, we used 4 logistic models & a tiered-classification logic. Over time, however, we found that we were coming close to hitting the performance ceiling. This led me to explore the topic of neural networks, & led me to build a neural network for the classifier during my 3.2 semester. As I write this, I am finishing up the evaluation of the new classifier, to affirm that the classifier’s performance did improve (or, at least, remain stable) before being put into production.

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