Robin Yong Wei Qiang
Web Application and Game Developer

2019 - World Robot Olympiad Senior Open Category (Top 11)
2019 - National Robotics Competition - WRO Open Category (Championship Award, 1st)
2018 - World Robot Olympiad Senior Open Category (Certificate of Excellence)
2018 - National Robotics Competition - WRO Open Category (Championship Award, 1st & Best Presentation, 3rd)
2018 - Director's List for Excellent Academic Performance
2018 - Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement

Angular, C++, C#, DirectX11, Firebase, Java, Javascript, Python, Swift.

I am primary a Web Developer with over a year of experience using the Angular Web Framework. I have developed two non-personal projects over one year.

  • An Event Management Web Application to be used at DSTA, my internship agency. The application is live but only accessible to DSTA-event participants.
  • A web-based, real-life, treasure-hunting game developed at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The application is accessible at My proudest creation at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

I am also a Game Developer. I have developed two games throughout one semester.

  • NotSoSuperMario - A remake of the popular game Super Mario World.
  • NotSoUnrailed - A remake of an indie game Unrailed.

On top of the two skillsets mentioned, I have taken electives in the following:

  • Android Application Development
  • Artificial Intellifence for Games
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Game Production
  • iOS Application Development

You may find my online portfolio here but keep in mind that as of writing this (28Febuary2020), it is currently a work in progress.




Not So Super Mario is a 2D Platformer wherein the player plays as Mario - a red-hatted, Italian, plumber - & aims to complete levels. Levels are completed by reaching the goal pole. It is typically the rightmost game object in a level. These levels are usually themed, containing objects like platforms, enemies, coins, & an array of powerups.

Notable features of the game include a level editor, allowing players to create their own level, and a leaderboard system (based on how quickly the player beats the level).

The team consists of five members (four year-3 students listed below and one year-2 student here).

The game was developed over the course of 3 weeks with C++, using DIrectX9 for our first Gameplay Programming module assignment. Check out our second assignment, NotSoUnrailed, here.

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Personal Portfolio

Internship Web Project

Event Management Web Application developed during DSTA Internship

Angular Web Framework
Competition Team Project

World Robot Olympiad 2018

ASPdotNET COMMA Firebase Cloud Database COMMA Raspberry Pi
Competition Team Project

World Robot Olympiad 2019

Angular Web Framework COMMA Firebase Authentication COMMA Firebase Firestore COMMA RPyC
Portfolio 2 Team Project


Lego Mindstorm COMMA RPyC
Capstone Team Project


Angular COMMA Firebase Authentication COMMA Firebase Cloud Hosting COMMA Firebase Firestore
Portfolio 1 Team Project


Firebase Cloud Database COMMA Python
Gameplay Programming Team project


Gameplay Programming Team Project