NotSoUnrailed is a 3D single- or multi- player rogue-like game where players have to build a railway track to keep their train moving forward. To do this, players have to collect resources from the procedurally generated world to craft rails for their track.

NotSoUnrailed was developed from scratch with DirectX11, by 5 programmers, across a 2-week duration, for the second assignment of the Gameplay Programming module. The only external library used was assimp, for the reading of model files. NotSoUnrailed is written using the C++11 standard, & the codebase can be found here.

The features implemented include, but are not limited to;
  • Scene Graph Animations
  • Camera Modes
  • Perlin + Voronoi Noise Map Generation
  • Entity Collision
  • Point & Directional Light
  • Enemies with A*STAR Pathfinding
  • Day/Night Cycle

For a more comprehensive look at these features, check out the demo video for NotSoUnrailed below.

Additional year 2 team member Lau Hui Qi!


Team Members