KWSH Heritage Trail

This is an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) app to enhance the learning experience at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) Heritage Trail. KWSH has a rich history of over 100 years since they first started and they would like to share the history to the public, especially to the younger generations. The problem of their heritage trail is that it is too dry and heavy content, especially for children to young adults with short attention spans. Therefore, with our application, hopefully the different users will be able to learn the history of KWSH in a more fun and engaging way rather than just reading plain text in the heritage trail.


Team Members

Graphics Designer
Ong Jie Yu
I was mainly in charge of the graphical part of the application which includes the 2D background and characters as well as the game assets.
Design Director
Nurulshazanani Nani
She is in charge of the front-end development which includes designing the user experience and conducting user testing.
Lead Developer
Tan Egi
She is in charge of the back-end development of the application.
Assistant Developer
Reiko Lee
She helped out with the development of the application and and 3D modelled the characters used for the AR.