Moshigen Muniandy
PSLE (2012) GCE 'O' Levels (2016) Trinity Guilhall Grade 4 Drum Distinction holder
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and various other Microsoft related softwares. Proficient in C++. Musically inclined, specialising in Percussive instruments and Guitar.
I am Moshigen Muniandy, and I am studying Information Technology in Ngee Ann Polytechnic I love to code and really loved doing computer related activities since I was very young. I started to learn coding when I was in Secondary School and to learn it as part of your cirriculum excites me. This is why I have chosen the path of IT. I also really love music. I specialise is various musical instruments such as, Drums, Guitar and various percussive instruments.




Not So Super Mario is a 2D Platformer wherein the player plays as Mario - a red-hatted, Italian, plumber - & aims to complete levels. Levels are completed by reaching the goal pole. It is typically the rightmost game object in a level. These levels are usually themed, containing objects like platforms, enemies, coins, & an array of powerups.

Notable features of the game include a level editor, allowing players to create their own level, and a leaderboard system (based on how quickly the player beats the level).

The team consists of five members (four year-3 students listed below and one year-2 student here).

The game was developed over the course of 3 weeks with C++, using DIrectX9 for our first Gameplay Programming module assignment. Check out our second assignment, NotSoUnrailed, here.

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