Dear Graduates,

You made it.

Congratulations on your graduation.

You have spent three years attending lectures, going for tutorials, mugging for exams and spent countless sleepless nights doing your assignments. It’s over! You made it.

You’ve graduated but this is not the end of learning.

Your graduation is a milestone in your development in the profession that you were trained for, but this is just the beginning of learning. In the past three years, your lecturers and tutors have designed a curriculum that ensures that every lesson and topic is properly scaffold for ease of learning. But the learning in the real-world will bring other dimensions to your professional field. There are no more “A”s or “D”s in the real world. You are either competent, or you are not.

Always be a student of life. You can learn from anyone, in any situation. Seek out the lessons, be quick to listen, volunteer yourself and build your experience.

Your graduation marks the end of a chapter in your life but it is the start of a lifetime of friendships.

The friends you made on campus are more likely to be lifelong friends.

For all those days you’ve spent mugging together, discussing over answer sheets, the laughter you’ve shared and the occasional fights and tears, you have made friends and perhaps some frenemies as well. Cherish those moments and treasure these relationships. Your classmates, your campus friends are likely your lifelong friends.

This is not Goodbye, only a “See you soon”

Yes, you are leaving the campus… for now. But we hope you remember your favorite teachers, your favorite stall at Food Club or your advisor who has walked this path with you for the past three years.

As you start your career, there will be times you will look for an upgrade, we hope you come back to the School where it all started.

When it’s Open House, or Graduation Showcase day or Alumni Homecoming, we hope you’ll come back and support the School again, and tell us of the countless adventures you’ve had.

We are always happy to hear from our graduates.

Congratulations again!

See you soon,
Patrice Choong
Director, School of InfoComm Technology

Mr. Jim Ang
Animation & 3D Arts,
Multimedia & Animation
Congratulations ICTians. May this project showcase be a reminder of all that you can do. This is only the beginning of your journey. Now that you have reached this milestone, I look forward to hearing you achieving greater things!

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Mr. Mike Wee
Financial Informatics
I hope the journey you have with us has been tough.

As it makes the graduation so much more meaningful.

You will be bidding farewell to many of your buddies and friends in weeks to come.

Stay in touch with them, as you get wiser in the years ahead.

Wine and food that are shared with buddies who know you since your teens, are so much more sweeter and tastier.

I am envious of you.

A new adventure awaits you.

Fight for the chance to make original mistakes.

Make them with gusto and in style.

And learn from it.

Don’t give up, don’t cave in, whatever life throws at you.

Stay hungry, stay focus, stay humble.

And smile.

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Mr. Steven Ong Hoon Jin
Information Security & Forensics
Congratulations graduate! You have done well to attain your diploma. Always keep an open mind to learning and acquiring new skills in this growing and exciting field of Cybersecurity. Contribute to the society with your time and efforts.

Cherish the people who supported you in your learning journey. Extend a helping hand to others as you had been helped. Chasing a dream requires your efforts and passion, work hard for your upcoming endeavors.

Best wishes for your career ahead!

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Dr. Oon Wee Chong
Information Technology
Congratulations, you have graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology! This is the culmination of 3 years of hard work, and a new chapter of your life lies ahead. Whether you embark on your career, undertake National Service or continue your education in a university, remember everything you’ve learned here in ICT, not just about IT but also about yourself. If nothing else, you now know that you have the resilience to endure long lectures, stressful exams and tough assignments. And don’t forget the friends that you have made, the ones who were right there with you through the late nights and looming deadlines - these are the friendships that could last a lifetime.

What happens next depends on you. Your future is bright and the possibilities are endless.

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Jason Shen
Dip IT Graduate
Class of 2006
Owner, Onyx Consulting
Congratulations on graduating from one of the best schools you could have gone to. I'm confident the lessons learnt, experiences gained and friendships made over the past 3 years will set you in good stead for whatever challenges you face in future. Congratulations once again and wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors!

Yappy Yap
Dip IT Graduate
Class of 2003
Chief Technology Officer
Daylight Studios
Congratulation on your graduation. You will be leaving Ngee Ann Polytechnic soon and venture on your own. Be it going to University to further your study, enlisting into National Service, or entering the working society, Know that your school and its graduates are always there to guide and help.

Tan Shu Ren
Dip IT Graduate
Class of 2006
Engineer, CSIT
"Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime". The curriculum and teaching methodology in the School of ICT laid a strong foundation and it had served me well throughout my university education and career. As you embark on the next stage of your life, I strongly urge you to continue to have the hunger to learn new things, to think out-of-the-box and to challenge yourself in whatever scenarios you will find yourself in. Congratulations on your graduation and go take on the world!

Sam Yong
Dip IT Graduate
Class of 2012
Graduate at NUS
School of Computing
My heartiest congratulations to you on your graduation. Against all the odds that you may face beyond this great milestone in your life, I trust that Ngee Ann Polytechnic has equipped you with the desire for learning beyond the classroom and relevant skills for the rapidly evolving workforce and economy. It is hence imperative to stay versatile and keep feeding your hunger to venture beyond what is comfortable. I wish you great success in your journey ahead.