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Magic, Daddy!

'Magic, Daddy!' is a family-friendly short film that tells the story about a young magician (Laurent) sending a rude audience member (Steve) into a whole other dimension. It is a fun film with striking colour palettes and interesting, dynamic characters. It also teaches viewers that being rude has its consequences and that we should be careful with our words/actions.


Team Members

Art Director (2nd), Character Designer, Animator
Ang Xue Li
I made sure there were consistencies in the animation in regards to art style, character proportions and more. I also designed the characters Steve and Ollie, and am in charge of animating Steve.
Producer (2nd), Compositor, VFX/SFX Artist
Syarifah Syahirah Al-attas
Syahirah helps to schedule our deadlines and lets us know when we should get things done. She also did most of the compositing of the film and helped to create the background music along with the VFX in our film.
Director, Storyboard Artist, Lead Animator
Semanie Tan
Semanie is in charge visualising the animation and directs the vision intended for the film, and storyboarding the film and creating visually appealing shots. Semanie is also the lead animator and animated Laurent and Ollie.
Producer (1st), Background Painter, Character Designer
Hazel Ying Ling
Hazel was our producer before she left for internship. She helped to plan for schedules and decided on deadlines for our work. She also designed the character Laurent and is in charge of painting backgrounds.
Art Director (1st), Props and Sets Designer, Background Painter
Nur Fadhilah Bte Amir
Fadhilah was our original art director before she left for internship, she helped to check for the consistencies in palettes and backgrounds. She is also in charge of designing the props in the film, along with the backgrounds.